I had the pleasure of taking a swim with whale sharks, manta rays and other fish last week. I had been on a behind-the-scenes tour at the Georgia Aquarium before and got the chance to see the whale sharks being fed. It was not quiet like this. The most important thing about the swim was AIR…

There was pure excitement as three other swimmers and I were escorted to do a brief training, change of clothes and dressed with oxygen regulator tanks. It seemed pretty easy based on the training. Respect the whale sharks, don’t touch them. Stay side by side with your partner and at least ten feet behind the next set of swimmers. Ok, got it. This is your regulator, put this in your mouth and breathe in and out with your mouth. Sounds simple enough, right? It wasn’t. I put my goggles on and I could only breathe through my mouth as my nose was completely covered by the goggles. We were asked to put our heads in the water to test breathing with the regulator and it took several attempts for me to relax a breathe. I felt like my lungs were going to collapse. My heart rate increased and I doubted that I could participate. I took the mouth piece out readjusted my goggles and gave myself a pep talk. “You got this Stac, you can do this, you’re just swimming on top of water, you can breathe, just relax,” I breathed in and out of my mouth a few times and put my head under it was so beautiful. The swim overall was great until I ran out of air in the tank! I had to use a regular snorkel and quickly adjust to get to the end. I had problems but managed to get a decent supply of air.

The experience was enlightening. The obvious, the importance of how God designed us. It’s difficult to breathe under water, ocean water. It is the most valuable thing you need when submerged by water, AIR. And like it we should live out our dreams as though our life depends on it. Without dreams you are not living just like you can’t live absent of AIR.

Quote: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Eric Thomas

Tip: Take time each day to do what you were designed to do. It is as important as the last breath you took. Don’t delay in the pursuit of your dreams.

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