Class Motto: Onward and upward we will attain our goal. I was a Springfield South High Class of 1996 graduate. Home of the Wildcats coolest school in the area, we graduated high school full of dreams, goals and aspirations, the world awaiting us. It was the most exciting and scariest thing at that time…GRADUATION.
This year I have a few younger relatives graduating high school and it made me reflect on the time that I too with ambitious hopes prepared to meet the world along with other classmates and graduates across the nation. It’s really amazing a new batch of positive vibrant humans taking charge of their lives. And when the dust settles reality kicks in and the real learning begins. The lessons both in the classroom and the world in most cases out of the protection of parents to guide every move. The key, to learn, “go through the test” or pass the test, cause boy do they come and then graduate. Life is really lesson after lesson, test after test all in order to graduate to the next level or chapter. The journey doesn’t stop as long as you’re alive. Just make sure that you’re moving onward and upward with ambitious hope in your dreams, goals and aspirations. May you learn, pass the test and experience many next levels…GRADUATION. AND CONGRATS TO THE CLASS OF 2018
Quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau
Tip: It’s your life, take it serious. Make sure you do what you love because your passion will fuel you when things get hard, you’re weary and in some cases want to give up. Love really is the key, let it infect every area of your life. LOVE thyself, LOVE God, LOVE thy purpose, LOVE thy neighbor. Remember…Discover. Develop. Deliver.

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