I have noticed “popularity” seems to really win out these days. There are algorithms, numbers and coding to help what may not be popular stand out and what is popular remain. From social media to word of month and everything in between. I have often asked myself who really determines what is popular. Why is it POPULAR?

Years ago no one had an idea what a SEO was. In order for most businesses to survive they must be on social media. Agendas and trends being followed. Things pushed in our faces and the majority just go for it. The media at the helm of persuasion, every word taken literally. Lives shaped and patterned based on the information that is disseminated. The person to person mode of communication threatened in every way. Society is constantly looking at screens and monitors. Screens, monitors and those behind them determine what seeps into the subconscious mind. Thus dictating trends, which determine what ad companies create to “entertain” the stimuli, that is then copied and mimicked. It’s catchy you say. I wasn’t going to join but. Only because you have entertained it in the subconscious. The rhetoric that you see was once lightly presented to you, you bit the bait and now you can’t get away from it because YOU made it “POPULAR”. No machine or screen will become the idol in my life, I create what is POPULAR. Remember you have the power to make something POPULAR.

Quote: “Popularity is not an indication of quality.” Vanna Bonta

Tip: Remember what you give energy to grows. Be aware of your thoughts because they turn into “things”. The mind is powerful.

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