The nation experienced a lot these last few weeks, fires, uearthquakes and storms. But how do you weather a…HURRICANE.

Life is full of ups and downs, winds may blow altering your normal routine. When the storm is at a level five life as you know it is uncertain. The truth is as long as you’re alive there will be something that causes the wind to blow a bit harder. Something that makes you want to hide in the house to avoid the hell force winds. A thing that may force you to evaluate or abandon ship.

At the threat of a hurricane do you tough it out and take the wind head on? Weathering the storm and taking it with stride, using the experience to learn and become stronger. Or do you choose to evacuate, retreat to avoid the storm only to have another one come and teach you the lesson you missed during the 1st storm? Just like tropical storms that reach certain categories so are the storms you may face in your life. It’s all about how you choose to respond to them, how you handle the wind, rain, flooding…HURRICANE.

Quote: “Beneath our clothes, our reputations, our pretensions, beneath our religion or lack there of it, we are all vulnerable both to the storm without and to the storm within.” Fredrick Buchner

Tip: Handle the storms in your life head on, it’s not easy but look for the lessons you need to learn. Ask God to show you you. Life is about evolution.

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