I use my blogs as a tool to reflect, to grow, see the errors in my ways and change. What I learn and believe beneficial I share, I know it’s not just for me. I have to admit that my life isn’t typical, it’s a far cry from where I saw it going. However, I choose to embrace it. I’m right where I need to be, a place of OBEDIENCE.

In the last year I moved across country, got rid of most of my belongings, broke off relationships of every kind and wrote two books among other things. Not because I wanted to but because I was instructed to do so. Though it hasn’t been easy by any stretch I am seeing the manifestation of finally getting it right. I was tired of doing it my way. I would have continuous visits to the brick wall. Plenty of walking, in circles. Lots of getting turned around in the maze. Giving little of myself to the one who controls all. The results of my life were minimal progress, self induced setbacks, frustration and crying out for help to the one I didn’t listen to in the first place. Duh. Lessons were learned and growth the bonus. I am currently basking in the space of joy, happiness, peace, strength and provision because of OBEDIENCE.

Quote: “To obey is better than sacrifice…” –1 Samuel 15:22

Tip: If you know you need to do something do it. Don’t delay God will give you the strength and tools to execute the job.

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