This time in my life has been uncomfortable. Some say “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”, clearly no one wants to be uncomfortable it’s not fun. It can be rather irritating. I’m learning to lean and trust God. He is teaching me to tap into and take claim on what I already possess…POWER.

To much is given much is required. So when you see some of the things I go through or I choose to express, don’t ask what I did to draw these things to me. Don’t question my decisions. Don’t ask if God told me to do a certain thing. Don’t question what he may have told me. Don’t think it’s some punishment. And don’t act like you’d know what to do in my shoes. Instead smile and say a prayer because there must be something special that you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing. Something so great and life changing that the enemy is trying so hard to prevent. Know that I am destined for greatness.

What God has ordained no man, devil or such can deny. No one can stop the expression of my gifts. My talents will not be denied. I have the power to manifest God’s promises for my life. It’s not a life of ease, it’s not for the weak it’s not for the selfish. I could have settled and given up years ago but I’ve come too far. I have what it takes, I possess POWER.

Quote: “You had the power all along, my dear.” -Glinda, The Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz

Tip: You already have what it takes. Tapping into the power you possess is as easy as having a bit of willpower toward what you want to accomplish. Remember you have power, use it.

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