The thing is I struggle just like you. I encourage people everyday but I too fight to beat the odds. I battle against mediocracy, doubters, haters and the enemy. I worry unnecessarily. I have good and bad days. I have days of self-pity. I can put on the mask of a victim on any given day. The thing is it’s painful sometimes. I get weary. I cry all the time. Most of the time they are tears of gratitude, others because I hurt. Haven’t I been through enough? Why this? What lesson do I need to learn?

I struggle just like you. I haven’t worked a full time job since I left LA a year ago, not by choice. I sleep between my sisters couch and my Mom’s spot where I lay on a deflated air mattress now used as a tarp covered by comforters for cushion. I literally roll out of bed. Lol. I have a curfew. I have no idea when my next check will come. Bills, read between the lines. I ignore my circumstances as much as I possibly can and keep pushing. I’ve created opportunities for myself using the stuff that makes me happy on the inside. I’ve invested in myself, my website, paintings, travel writing, I’ve written two books in a year (2 months actually), created a show I’m pitching. None of which I’ve seen a dime in return. “Do what you love the money will follow.” -Marsha Sinetar.

I wait for the money to fund my passions and I look at my future, so bright and promising. It is truly what keeps me going. In a sea of rejection, no after no. Silent responses, delayed interaction. Unkept declarations. Broken commitments. I still have hope. I hold on to the promises God has for my life. I believe in me. My trust and faith are focused above. THE THING IS…I WIN.

Quote: “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs

Tip: Stay focused. Keep pushing.

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