There has been a lot of news about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry as of late, it’s LONG overdo. And I’m positive other industries are not exempt. Yes, I too have been a victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment…ME TOO.

Back when I worked at a local ABC affiliate in Atlanta I was sexually harassed. Back then HR wasn’t providing mandatory courses about sexual harassment in the workplace. I didn’t know what to do. This was a person I confided in and who when things were tight helped me out. So I took the inappropriate comments, looks, gestures, offers of trips and money being laid on my desk to fly off with him. I considered his wife and family, his rep AND then I considered my rep and feared my job. How could someone so nice and “seemingly innocent” to everyone do and say such things? No, I’d be pegged as the liar. It’d be “she said”, he denies. And based on seniority I’d be let go. I didn’t think to record him, I only thought of the pain of being called a liar and no one believing me. I said nothing. And when I’d had enough of him and the job I resigned. In my resignation letter I felt free enough to state it. Only to be called to talk and told unless I communicated to him that it was inappropriate behavior or reported to them there was nothing they could do.

A woman should never have to communicate what is terribly obvious inappropriate behavior to a man. THEY KNOW. And we’re expected to just take it, blow it off, try to defuse the awkwardness. All for the sake of a job or career, it’s DISTURBING. It’s really troubling to know that men DO IT BECAUSE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! STOP THE MADNESS. POWER doesn’t equal PUSSY. And I for one am glad that this conversation is on the table…ME TOO.

Quote: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” Maya Angelou

Tip: Ladies, speak up. Men, STOP and control your penis (and the thoughts in it’s head).

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