We live in a microwave society plagued with an “I want it now” attitude. But oftentimes life is screaming PLEASE WAIT…

The amount of anxiousness by most people to get on and off the plane is disturbing. It never ceases to amaze me how quick people get up after the plane stops, ready to go and the flight attendant says, “PLEASE WAIT” because the plane hasn’t taxi’d yet. I was on a plane recently and it was so bad that the PLEASE WAIT was displayed in all available monitors. It made me think about how anxious we can be, how we just expect to have and do things when we want with no regard of timing and more specifically God’s timing.

We truly live in a microwave society, stick it in warm it up and less than 10-minutes later it’s cooled off and in your belly. Life isn’t always like that, even when you practice “Faith without works is dead” there is likely a time where you have to wait. The reality of waiting isn’t so bad. Oftentimes it can serve as protection from harm, discipline, hard work and of course good ole patience. You know “the virtue”. When you’ve done all you can, that is the “work” or “works”. Then you just stand, that is being still and waiting. And being still is where the peace of God is, because you know that things are taken care of and they will all work out FOR YOUR GOOD. Sit back and know that when you have to wait it’s ok, PLEASE WAIT.

Quote: “The work that God does within us while we wait, is just as important as whatever it is that we are waiting for.” Ben Patterson

Tip: Practice saying Thank You in the moments when you feel anxious and hurried. Thank God for what is happening even if it doesn’t feel great at the time or you don’t understand it. Everything happens for a reason, be patient




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