Relationships are the most influential component in ones life. You can’t escape having relationships unless of course you’re on some island all by yourself or you choose to completely isolate yourself from society. Your inner circle can help cultivate you or destroy you. Some relationships need DISTANCE.

The exchange of time is something you’ll never get back. That is why it is imperative to watch what you do with your time. It is equally important to be careful as to whom you spend time with. Friends are especially key, they are people you choose to have in your life. Just because you grew up with someone and you’ve been friends for a lifetime does not mean that they are headed in the same direction you are. Or that the relationship is healthy, loyalty is no good if the relationship is toxic. Having a healthy connection is like breathing fresh air. Really that’s how friendships should be, a breathe of fresh air.

On the other hand, you are born into your family and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Though you do not choose your family it doesn’t mean you have to like them. The title they hold in your life is a title. The role they play in your life can change over time. And if it’s not healthy then you have a right to alter the capacity in which they occupy. You do have the choice to create space and distance yourself from family as well as friends. Not all relationships are meant for you to cultivate from. The unhealthy and toxic ones can’t survive if you don’t allow them to. You can love people and not like them. You can pray for them and not put them down or speak ill will. You can have a healthy prosperous life, keep toxic people in the DISTANCE.

Quote: “Keep your distance from people who assume the worst of everything. Those vibes are unhealthy for you. Surround yourself with positive people.”

Tip: Don’t hold onto relationships that don’t serve you in a healthy way. Let them go and keep it moving. Practice forgiveness at all times.

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