The previous week I had the opportunity to see my family. It had been just about a year since I saw most of them. It was a time to CHERISH…

I can remember the times that the holiday dinner was at my Dad’s house. Kids running around everywhere, tables set up where we could fit them. Long prayers, NFL games on in the background being over powered by laughter. The glorious feast, dessert and maybe seconds. Just in time for a cousin movie. It was the prefect ending to a day of family.

The tradition got so big it had to be moved to the church fellowship hall. Much of the same just more space. Fast forward, 60 plus has now dwindled to maybe 30. Missing those spread throughout the US and some no longer with us. Despite the numbers it was genuinely good to see family. I understand holidays are hard for lots of people who have lost their loved ones. Time is indeed precious. Don’t take for granted the time you have with those you…CHERISH.

Quote: “Cherish every moment you have and don’t wait for it to become a memory before you realize the true value of it.” Unknown

Tip: Love deeply and intentionally because someone you love may not be around to receive it.

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