I researched and made plans to visit a natural pool reserve during a recent trip to Austin. It was some 20-mins away from the city in the beautiful rolling hills of Texas. The dome of an underground river collapsed due to thousands of years of erosion. A small waterfall dumps into the waterhole. I was excited but we got to the gate and were told we needed a RESERVATION.

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve unbeknownst to me, an obvious mishap in my research took reservations only May thru Sept. And they were booked up for the day. This was rather disappointing. Reservations guarantee a spot, a place, a ticket to solidifiy where you’d like to go. It is paying for the security of your presence at a specific time and place. The same effort of preparation should be given to your goals. Make your dreams come true, do the necessary research and work. Take the necessary steps, guarantee a front row seat as your dreams come true, make a…RESERVATION.

Quote: “Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” Alice Walker

Tip: Do the work, prepare as much as you can. Create a place to sit at the table.

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