Distractions can get the best of us. Nothing like going full steam ahead with a particular goal, everything moving smoothly then boom, a roadblock. The road you were traveling on is completely blocked off and now you have no choice but to take a detour. Roadblocks come in many different forms, lack of support, financial difficulty, resources, rejection, sickness, family dependency, disappointment or death. Picking up the pieces can be as daunting as getting a bunch of highway engineers together to fix the road with no resources to do so. And so the goal is out of focus.

You all have to understand that is all a trick, all a way to keep you from reaching your goals and ultimately your dreams. Better known as your purpose or fullest potential. I can’t say it enough, keep pushing! Don’t lose sight of your goals and continue to push toward your dreams. Take the detour around the roadblock and get back on the main road to your destiny. Don’t stay OUT OF FOCUS…readjust and keep driving!

Quote: “Stay focused on your destination, even if your path may seem stormy today.” –Billy Cox

Tip: Write down your goals and dreams. Attach deadlines to them. Try to keep them in mind when making decisions so that you stay on track. Make sure they are accessible to read on a regular basis.

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