McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King. TGI Friday’s, Apple Bee’s, The Cheesecake Factory and Houston’s. Morton’s, The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Mélisse in Los Angles…what are you eating? What are you putting in your body? Do you know? What are you feeding your kids? Food for thought.

What you chew on mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically shapes who you are. What are you feeding your brain? Are you reading romantic fantasy novels or SI magazines instead of enriching and nurturing the 10% or more of your brain? Are you eating a cheap meal that could lead to death over time like McDonald’s? Are happy, is your soul joyful and full of peace? Are you watching junk on TV that leads to non-productivity and stagnation of your purpose? Are you sitting on the couch watching junk on TV, unhappy, reading romantic fantasy novels & magazines during commercial breaks, eating McDonald’s as you non-verbally encourage your children and those around you to do the same?

Take charge of your life, be conscious of what you feed yourself and those around you! Nourish yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically…GOT FOOD?!

Quote: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”–Jim Rohn

Tip: Read something each day that is mentally engaging and something spiritually enlightening. Eat clean, foods in their original form. Exercise most days a week, one-hour is 4% of your day. Think & surround yourself with positive people + things.

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