Stacy is an author tackling self-worth, morals in a fun, easy + honest way. Visit the shop for apparel, journals, stationary, products + more books.

Books + Merchandise

Rise of the Good woman book cover

In her debut book Rise of the Good Woman, a 22-Day Guide to Becoming a Better You she dissects Proverbs 31 verses 10-31 + breaks down the essence of being a virtuous woman.

Rise of the Good Woman was written to empower women to love themselves in order to properly love + care for others. To raise the standard of womanhood. To make morals, manners, etiquette, class + grace normal again. To ultimately become a better person + exude goodness, God’s goodness. The book + merchandise are available.

lrene and Sage

Irene + Sage is a brand that strives to normalize self-care. We create products intended to rejuvenate + give individuals a sense of tranquility. It’s a collaboration between two sisters in an effort to contribute to the overall health + wellness of people + the planet. 

The mission of Irene + Sage is to create products from our clothing, body, paper goods + home decor lines that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, comfortable + add a sense of zen to your everyday life. Irene + Sage believes in helping others, our goal is to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Visit Irene + Sage shop.


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