The beginning of the year is a great time to visualize how you see the year panning out for you. To create or recommit to goals. However, this practice of visualization is one that should happen daily.

It’s not enough to write something down, you have to take action + you have see-it even when it has yet to manifest. Seeing is believing, WELL seeing with you spiritual eyes is believing.  Visualize it happening before it manifest. Like an architect you have to create the plan or visual to make it come to life. Visualization allows your mind to send signals to the rest of your body + that good energy helps the manifestation process.

  • Curve out 5-mins each day to “see” yourself manifesting your dreams, goals + purpose.
  • Create a vision board or a 8×11 frame with a collage of things you want to manifest in your life. Look at it with gratitude a few times per day.
  • Say thank you in gratitude of those things as often as you can.
  • Feel the moment of accomplishing, walking-in or getting what you desire.
  • Try it out, car, go test drive it. Book, go to a bookstore + imagine your book on the shelf. Vacation, buy a map, plan out the itinerary + see yourself being there.

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