I’m going to do it tomorrow, it can wait until tomorrow. I can pursue my dreams another day. There are only 24-hours in a day, I can’t possibly accomplish everything. But who said that you will have TOMORROW.

To accomplish what we set out to do in a days time isn’t always possible. Delays, interruptions, distractions, I can go on. We’d love to believe that we are in control of it ALL, the reality is we’re not. We co-pilot this life of ours, we manage the buttons on our side of the cockpit. The throttle, oh that’s for the master. Turbulence, clouds, rain showers, thunder and lighting is no match for the master, the pilot of the plane. As we do our part with the buttons on the right side of the aircraft the master has everything else under control. No need to worry about what is in front of you he’ll guide the vessel. You do your part, push the buttons for this flight. Don’t be to obsessed with what you’ll do after this flight. The details of tomorrow’s schedule is not your concern, right now. Do what you can today to your satisfaction and don’t forget the passengers on board the plane whose lives your influencing right now. Live today with purpose. Take advantage of the moments you have, for you may not see TOMORROW.

RIP Uncle Phil Hamilton.

Quote: “We are only given today, and never promised tomorrow.” -Unknown

Tip: Make sure you do something that satisfies your soul and that pleases the master.

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