The frenzy, the commercialism, oh for love sake, Valentine’s Day. A consumer holiday second to Christmas racking close to 20 billion dollars in America alone. No wonder the advertisements and push for people to spend right after the New Year is so high.

This year was my second year in a row in a long time without a “valentine”. Not really a huge deal but the holiday is in your face. As those with lovers prepare, celebrate and show off (I’ve been there, guilty) what thoughtful gestures they gave or received it made me think about those that didn’t. I’m talking about those who lost a husband or lover, who got divorced, the single person that longs to share their days with someone, the individual who thinks this holiday is a big deal and just want TO BE LOVED.

In my honest opinion, it’s a celebration for some and depressing for others. It’s like not being picked for a team during recess. Like you may not have cared but there was no other activity to play because everyone gravitated to the basketball court. You can’t play alone, that’s weird. So you go with the crowd hoping you’ll be picked. You get passed by and you question why. “But I’m good, they just can’t see it.” So you watch from the sideline like this seasons “not” and wait for for someone to win the game the hype to die down, the day to be over.

The thing is TO BE LOVED is to love yourself. Great wonderful you, the validation and celebration of who you are especially at your core may not draw a crowd. You may not hear it from someone on a consist basis. And that’s just fine. Know that you have a purpose and something special to bring the world. If you didn’t have someone to communicate that during the fanfare of Valentine’s Day you know now. You are love, you are loved and necessary…TO BE LOVED.

Quote: “You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you.” –Dodinsky

Tip: Get to know God. He is love and will show you how to love yourself and then others. When you know who’s you are everything flows from that love. Discover God. Exude love.

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