Time sure does go by really fast when you’re having fun. If you live stressed, worried and in fear of one day to the next it can drag. It’s weight is so heavy, like trying to carry an unconscious person half your size down the hall. It’s burden, extremely hard to bare. Life is meant to be fluid, light so we can move about it free and SWIFT.

I experienced an attempted break-in of my car the other week. Some of you may have saw the video on Facebook. I was upset, here it is I’m just getting out of a rough patch and this. The next day I decided to forgive and let it go. I didn’t want the feeling of dragging that incident along with me. Though I’m still being effected by it I choose to look at the bright side and I’m not carrying around the emotional sludge.

There are challenges that come our way, some feel like you really are dragging someone along with you. It wears on you. You refusal to forgive or inability to deal with issues head on cause you to carry that stuff inside. Life is so much easier when you give your energy to what you can control, when you forgive and move on, when you intentional live free of things that bind you. Lighten your load, live free and SWIFT.

Quote: “May you live everyday of your life.” Jonathan Swift

Tip: Be quick to forgive. Don’t drag that offense, altercation, argument around with you. Let it go and move on. It doesn’t mean it feels good you just move past it.


    1. stacy September 20, 2017 at 4:13 AM

      Thanks so much lady!

    2. stacy February 1, 2021 at 7:53 PM

      Thank you!


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