I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately. I suppose it’s from one of those silly “what does your name say about you” things on Facebook or perhaps I accidentally clicked on something I shouldn’t have. I’m now getting more spam than regular messages to my yahoo account. Like the annoying unsolicited messages you may get coming to your email the same can be for people. The hard truth is you some how attracted the SPAM.

If you are irritated or don’t want certain people in your life then you have to look at, you. There is something that you do or did, by accident perhaps that has triggered and brought certain individuals in your life. You may want to point the finger, we all do, and blame that person for causing the annoyance. But the mirror doesn’t lie. The people around you, especially your inner circle is a direct reflection of you. Take a look around you. What do the people you attract or choose to keep in your life say about you. If you don’t like it there is a junk folder to get rid of…SPAM.

QUOTE: “When you go through the hardest of times, the people that come to your aid are the ones that you will carry with you forever. Pain and hardships help highlight who is, who has, And who will always be there for you throughout the roller coaster of life.” -Chris Hough

TIP: You can always do inventory on your inner circle. It doesn’t always have to be in times of conflict or distress. Figure out the best way to handle and move on.

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