It is interesting to watch people. The way they respond or react to things is all so interesting to me. You see life comes at each of us fast and often times we don’t know how what we do can cause a RIPPLE…

I was traveling by train in Los Angeles. About mid way through my trip a guy gets on and ask for money to get to his destination. He says he just got out of jail, having problems getting a job and how much more he needed to reach his goal. I’m not one to give under those circumstances because of safety reasons but he pulled at my heart. I started to get money from my wallet, as I did two other women beside me did the same. As a result another three people handed him money. I was so full of joy. It was a small gesture but what I saw was the ripple effect of my willingness to give from the heart. The fact that I did what I normally don’t do may have been the reason others gave too. I have never seen that type of public support even for street entertainers.

My point is that when you respond to something you send a ripple of energy out. Friend, it is important that what you send out is positive and uplifting. That your vibrations cause others to vibrate higher. That your joy and happiness is felt no matter the circumstances. Make sure what you do will cause a good RIPPLE.

Quote: “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama

Tip: Not everything requires a response, especially if it’s not a good. Sometimes it is better to just be quite.

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