Life plays out lessons in front of me, waiting for me to catch them. Hoping that I’ll see what needs to be learned and applied. Bracing for me to take the time to be still and BE. To live in the moments I have been granted. One lesson is that of PERCEPTION.

Based on perception we assume a certain thing to be what we perceive it to be. Based on experience, others opinions, social media, the news, our favorite public figure, pastor, friends and family or cold hard facts. It is what we perceive it to be. But what if our perception was wrong? Better yet, what if we were judged based upon someone’s “perception” of us?

I traveled to the New England states two weeks ago. The further north I went, the more I saw Donald Trump signs in lawns. I don’t agree with Trump, let’s be clear. I think he lets money rule him and it’s evil. But to perceive that all Trump supporters have the exact ideology is wrong. Like my run in with the loser with the gun, I could have perceived that everyone in that town and surrounding areas was a redneck, Donald Trump supporter or flat out loser. But I didn’t. I looked at each person individually and expected the same. In places I didn’t seem to fit in, I did. I ran into the nicest people and they treated me with respect and dignity. Good conversations and lots of smiles. I even got invited to sit and have lunch with an older white lady and we talked like we knew each other for quiet some time. The trip was wonderful. Had I perceived that everyone was like the loser with the gun I would have had a horrible trip.

You are a representation of not only yourself but your community, business and family. You have the power to change perception on the giving and receiving end. Keep an open mind, what you perceive may not be accurate…PERCEPTION.

Quote: “Stacy is beautiful, articulate, and a very tidy guest. A pleasure to talk to. She is welcome back anytime!” -Airbnb Host

Tip: Don’t judge. Instead think about how you feel when others judge you based on what they perceive to be true. Treat people with kindness and love.

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