It is always refreshing to see someone walk with confidence. Sure of who they are and what they bring to their environment. Those who unapologetically are who they are and have no problems living their life out in display of such. Those people that stand out and don’t even try, they just have that “it” thing. No amount of money can buy them materials that aid in this confidence because it’s within. No need to be like anyone else is true…ORIGINALITY.

The quest to emulate should really be an adventure to find YOU. A search for what is already inside. The real you, the one that is really a leader, a trendsetter, a change maker, a gem, a unique individual…a masterpiece. The investment in your time and money should be in your internal self. Get to know you, learn about your quirks, your strengths and weaknesses, your purpose in life, your dreams and aspirations and your greatness. Figure out what works for you, you are not a duplicate. If you are too busy looking and trying to be like everyone else you’ll never know how beautiful you really are. The great thing about being original is, you already are by being yourself…ORIGINALITY.

Quote: “I like individuality, there is so much sameness. Everything is marginalized.” Iris

Tip: There is only one you. Discover your uniqueness. Spend time alone and take a journal. Write down questions to answer i.e. what makes me happy, your goals, where do I see myself in a year. As you answer the questions you’ll begin to learn more about who you really are.

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