The mind, everything starts there. When you have limiting thoughts you block the full capacity of your thinking. The mental strength it takes to pursue your dreams need unlimited access to your thoughts. It’s like locking your fullest potential up in jail…MASS INCARCERATION.

When I think of mind control I think of the mental strength an athlete has to have going into a game, match, race or competition. The focus to not only to do their best but coming out on the other side a winner. The strength it takes for them to concentrate on the training and techniques to help get them to victory is something. To have to talk to yourself to keep pushing, go hard, see yourself at the finish line, to unlock your limiting thoughts and stay positive, to be a winner.

I don’t think you having mental strength on a daily basis is any different. Quietly talking yourself through the day. Blocking out the cheers for the other team, tuning out the hacklers, having tunnel vision focus on the task at hand. Using the training and techniques to accomplish a task. The use of mental control to be a winner, to make your dreams come true. It may not be as strenuous on your body but mentally it may not be too different.

History can repeat itself if there is no change. The point is to not allow things to cloud your mind and keep you from reaching your dreams and becoming a winner. Mind over matter. Don’t trap your mind…MASS INCARCERATION.

Quote: “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.” Bill Russell

Tip: Create a habit of ways to shift your mind. Try affirmations, write them out and read them when you have a week moment.


  1. Chiana October 27, 2016 at 1:31 PM

    Walking in the precense of giants here. Cool thinking all around!


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