I had the pleasure of attending a Steve Harvey show taping. What stuck out was him saying JUMP.

It was my birthday. I had yet to explore Chicago and decided that this was the year and time to do so. As a gift to me my lovely aunt met me there and we spent a few days celebrating. I knew that Steve Harvey taped his television show there so in advance I made a request for tickets. Luckily we got them. I really did it because I thought my aunt would enjoy it. I picked my birthday because I figured it would be a cool activity.

We’d do the taping and it was cool. The highlight was Steve’s testimony at the end. Now I’ve seen a few of these online before. Went to a conference he spoke, heard it then. But as I sat in my chair listening to him speak some twenty feet away that’s when it really hit me. In order to succeed you have to jump. He’d go on to say, you have to identify your gift and live in your gift. Your gift will make room for you. But the only way for you to soar is you have to jump. You’ll never know the life God has for you unless you…JUMP.

Quote: “The only way to get to the abundant life God has for you, you gotta jump.” Steve Harvey

Tip: The first step to jumping is knowing your gift. What moves your soul? What can you do gladly each day and not get paid? What do you love to do? What do you love to do that doesn’t feel like “work”. Start there.

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