What a beautiful month, July. Half of the year is gone and like every year around this time you’ve come to grips that time flies. How did we get to the back half of the year? Where did the time go? JULY.

I have seen more than normal advertisements about Christmas in July, is it just me or have you seen them as well? Though I could say a lot about the holiday I’ll spare you. But what is it with the rush to get to Christmas, doesn’t life go fast enough to not skip months ahead to get to the end of the year? Is there a dissatisfaction with current life that one has to think about a holiday so far in advance? Is capitalism that bad that gimmicks of holiday sales in July are necessary? Can it just be a sale? Can we not rush. The same goes for all of the American holidays you can’t finish celebrating one before the shelves are stocked with stuff for the next one. STOP.

STOP living for December in July. I’m all for getting excited about the future, shoot my last blog was about anticipation. Know that there is a fine line with anticipating a thing and rushing. Have faith about what you desire but don’t wish for it to replace the current state God has you in right now. Enjoy the moment, savory the time you have right now…JULY.

Quote: “Life is not a race, it is a gift. Enjoy it, don’t rush through it.” Daniella Kessler

Tip: Enjoy the moment. Really take in what you are doing, be fully engaged. If you must (I do) capture the moment with a photo and put your camera or phone down, take it all in. God is somewhere in the mist of it all.

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