My sister has a plant on her patio. Some how it doesn’t really belong. It grows between a small gap inside the patio fence and the concrete stab. Each year from spring to the end of fall we watch it GROW.

Now my sister usually cuts it down as far to the ground as she can. And it just keeps growing back. Because it’s in between the fence and the cement it’s hard to get to in order to fully pull it out from the root. The same thing happens when you do not deal with your issues. The truth of your life will manifest. When you cut what you see and do not get to the root of the matter, it will grow back. It will come up in different areas of your life. Take care of your roots. What is not good pull it up by the root, do not let it…GROW.

Quote: “If you are unable to understand the cause of a problem it is impossible to solve it” -Naoto Kan

Tip: Deal with the issues in your life. Dig up the root. It’s the cause as to why you behave the way you do. Why you do the things you do.

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