I had the pleasure of seeing Chi-Raq, the new Spike Lee Joint. The film was great and there are several distinct things I took from the film, the need to end black on black violence and killings in general, no regard for life, lack of government support in inner city areas where the poor and disenfranchised dwell, and the power of unity. What stood out the most was the the coming to together of women for the sake of the community.

That is something I believe that we are missing, sisterhood. Not black sisters and black sisters, females of all kind. The use of our femininity to uphold a standard. To raise the bar when it comes to our men, children and the world. We’re all looking for something that connects us, we’re all women that’s the commonalty. We are sisters. It starts with us ladies. We’re the problem. We’re the problem for allowing the standard to be dropped. For dropping it and being mad about the results of the standard we let fall to the ground. For being so concerned with our careers, what we wear, drive and where we live that we don’t nurture our families and communities. And we defiantly don’t take care of ourselves, without self care we only have the capacity to give half of ourselves to others.

Men only get away with what we allow. Kids only get away with what we allow. People only get away with what we allow. We tell them how we want to be treated. Don’t be so weak-willed, you don’t have to be tough but stand for what you believe and don’t waver. Take a stand. Don’t take a blind eye to what is going on in the world, in your own backyard. Its time to get back to the basics and win our families back. Look at the children, they are a reflection of us. What are we raising? It takes a village so even if you don’t have kids you must do your part. Speak up with love and femininity. Ladies lets unite for the sake of our society. Become something better…ITS TIME FOR EVOLUTION.

Peace + Love

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