But first coffee, don’t talk to me until after my cup of joe, I can’t function without…COFFEE.

In America, according to sources the import of coffee beans is upwards of $4 billion dollars per year. Some 100 million people drink coffee on a consistent basis, consuming an average of three cups (8-9 ounces) daily. Other than the fact that I need to invest in the coffee industry, it makes me wonder what is it with coffee? How is it that a cup of liquid substance can serve as an upper and change someone’s mood? How can it control the trajectory of the day? How can one say that they cannot function without it?

I’ve come to one sure conclusion, it’s a coping mechanism. To get through the day, an energy boaster, mood shifter. Coffee drinker aren’t the only ones, there are plenty of things to help one get by. Pills, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, thief, the list goes on. How you deal with life’s stresses and circumstances is how you cope. The objective is to form healthy habits. Creating healthy ways to get through the pressures that life and people pleasing, hardship, transition and unhappiness can sometimes bring. How do you cope…COFFEE.

Quote: “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” Elizabeth Edwards

Tip: Find healthy habits to cope with life. Trying journaling, meditation, prayer, exercise, time in nature. What you do to cope can affect you positively or negatively, you have the power to choose.

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