I had the opportunity to spend sometime with my sister at a Hot Air Balloon event the other day. As we approached the location we noticed that the balloons didn’t go up high enough for us to make the investment to be disappointed. We opted not to pay the cost and decided that we would watch and relax. The tethered balloons didn’t go as my sister said “high enough to jump out and hurt myself”, ha! It was like a kiddie ride at the fair, much of nothing. It was restricted, with limited ability or freedom to move. The balloons were confined…TETHERED.

It made me think of how we can be at times when we allow our circumstances to keep us bound. We haven’t yet mastered the space and phase of life in which we currently find ourselves. That when we get distracted and lose focus on the life we truly envision for ourselves, we restrict our movement. We can’t elevate to the next level because what we give energy to, keeps us right where we are. The ropes to our hot air balloon can’t go but so high. Sometimes we just give up on the thought of going to new heights and keep blowing the fire that allows us to remain afloat. Don’t allow ropes to hold your hot air balloon, to keep you from reaching your goals and God’s purpose for your life. Do away with restricting thoughts and action, don’t be…TETHERED.

Quote: “Life has no limitations except the ones you make.” Les Brown

Tip: Beware of people that try to hold you back. Surround yourself with those who want to reach their goals and passion. Don’t hinder yourself.

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