The year is coming to a screeching holt. I look back and reflect on 2016 and a lot has happened. My faith and endurance tested over and over. The walk of faith is like walking through fog, you can see but the fog is so thick that is distorts your view. You can’t quite see in front of you but you just keep walking. I just keep walking. This year 2016, I learned a lot about myself. It TAUGHT ME…

Not to worry, you’ve been here before. You got this Stac. It taught me that I don’t have to get people to understand what I’m doing, most won’t ever get it. That the help you receive will come the unlikeliest of people. It taught me I’ve reached a new level of faith. That each jump God will always catch me. Don’t count on people based on words but in deeds. Be careful of the snares, some people lure you in because of your circumstances. Trust in God to be the ultimate source, plug, everything. Where the Lord guides he provides so don’t worry. Most importantly 2016 taught me to truly love myself. It is the great earthly love that I can have, self-love. It gives me permission to recognize my value and walk in my worth, that’s what 2016 TAUGHT ME.

What did it teach you?

Quote: “No matter what your current circumstances are, if you can imagine something better for yourself, you can create it.” John Assaraf

Tip: Don’t shrug the year off, take time to reflect and ask yourself questions. It forces you to find the answers. The answers are inside of you.

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