To hear no for any reason can crush a person. How dare you say no to me! The refusal is like a slap in the face, a blow to your self esteem. It’s like a bruise to your self worth and a deep cut to your character. Let’s just be honest, being told no can hurt. Oh, the thing about REJECTION…

To describe the hurt that comes from rejection depends on the situation. I have had my share of it the last year and a half and it hurts. To not be chosen. To not be picked after someone horrible got the gig, ugh. To know that you are qualified and sometimes over qualified for something and still be denied. To have an idea and it be shot down time after time. To present your artistry and be critiqued and criticized. The loss of followers and friends. And better yet to bare your soul and give of yourself and in return, silence. As a result you question the will to keep going, to continue the passion that’s inside of you. The pursuit of purpose and passion seems daunting at times after continuous no’s.

It’s difficult to pick up the pieces after rejection. I have applied to countless jobs, pitched a TV show idea, considered for a show, asked for help with a literary agent, production work and more…I have gotten plenty of NO’s the last year and a half. It hasn’t been easy. What I have come to know is my acceptance, identity, security and purpose comes from God. It took a long time to figure that out. That people will not always see what I see in myself, they won’t understand all that I have to offer. In the end that’s ok because the small no’s will lead me to my greater YES. I’ll take it, I will pick up the pieces dust myself off and keep moving forward. I will not succumb to the affects of REJECTION.

Quote: “Rejection is God’s protection.” Alice Hunt

Tip: Rejection is a part of life. Have confidence in yourself but ultimately have faith and trust God. Life goes on after being rejected. There is an awesome blessing with your name on it and it will completely change your life.

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