It’s not enough to say you’re going to do something. It’s not enough to plan to do something. It’s not enough to start. You must finish and see things through. To start and keep momentum is key.

Ask your self why you are doing a thing? Can you do what you love without being paid for it? Your “why” becomes the motivating force for you to finish and see your dreams all the way through. I believe if you love something then your love for it will keep you excited, focused, driven and motivated. It’s the first quarter, days into the new year and you have wonderful and ambitious goals, New Year Resolutions, etc. The question is will you keep going until the end of the year and beyond. Find your “why”, stay focused and keep the MOMENTUM.

Quote: “One way to keep the momentum is to have greater goals.” -Michael Korda

Tip: Take the time to sit in a quiet place and ask yourself why you are doing what you are. Find out what moves you, what you are truly passionate about. It should be exciting enough to make you jump out of bed each day. It should be something you aim to do everyday.

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