Maze is defined as a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way. I’m living in a maze. Metaphorically life is a maze. Going in one direction only to hit the wall, then to start over, retract your steps or go in a different direction. Or you hit a wall and just stay there and never find your way.

It’s a “puzzle”, life, my maze, Stacy’s life. I’m walking, running and trimming the hedges in my maze…boom a wall. For real?! I thought I was doing what I’m supposed to be doing?! “Ok lesson, I mean wall why are you here?” I ask. Uh God, Heavenly Father (throws hands up)! It’s like “Joy and Pain” just like the Frankie Beverly and Maze song but can a sista get some sunshine though?! I guess the more that’s required of you the more difficult the maze. Just when you think you have it figured out there’s another set of hedges to trim. At the end of the day my maze is my maze and I’m not going to just sit down and let my hedges grow I’m going to trim every last hedge until I find my way…MAZE.

Quote: “You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.” –Paul Carrick Brunson

Tip: Take one day at a time. It gets rough sometimes but tomorrow is tomorrow, enjoy the beauty of today!

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