The course of your life is already mapped out. Things are going to happen the way they are supposed to happen. You were designed for a specific purpose and it is up to you to discover why. Each day above ground is an opportunity to walk in your destiny. There is something innate on the inside, something that moves your soul. It is that that will get you to your destiny, to live out your FATE.

The universe has a way of guiding you to your fate. With its subtleties, it’s signs, its happenstances, it’s warnings of danger, the subconscious actions you take, the gut feelings and the like. They are all moving you toward your fate. The lessons are like pop quizzes, exams, or midterms to test if you qualify to advance to the next level. An A+ is the only acceptable grade. Otherwise fate would have it, you’ll have to be tested again until you learn what is needed to move forward. For what you need to levitate is found in that A+. These test aren’t always easy, they are damn near hard most of the time. They bruise you, stretch you and mold you. Oh, how these lessons show you the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. It is work that needs to happen within. The experiences are a reflection of you, telling you things you need to handle, changes that have to take place. Everything points to the evolution of self, that evolution will aid in living a greater purpose for all thus living out your destiny. You are where you need to be, pay attention to the lessons and pass each test. It will help you become a better version of yourself and steps closer to your FATE.

Quote: “Fate lives within you, you only have to be brave enough to see it.” Brave, the movie

Tip: Don’t give into the monotony of each day. Pay attention to what lessons are right in front of you. Live each day with purpose on purpose like you deserve it.

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