The year is coming to a close and boy was it a year. Oddly I personally have not heard a lot of “This year has been really awesome!” comments. Though I’d love to hear more. What does seem to stand out is the amount of people that have left this physical world. My family included. And the thing about life is there is nothing you can do about. YESTERDAY…

The year started off with death, my uncle and ends with the same, my dearest grandmother. Though I don’t really want to talk about it, it is still so very significant. She helped raise me and her presence and influence in my life cannot be denied. If you think I’m funny, I get it from her. She was comforting to me. And it is that comfort I feel when I think of her. What I do know that I can only make the best of the time I’ve been given. That tomorrow is not promised. I know that God’s mercy and grace are the reason I am alive today. Each day a precious gift. I’m so grateful. I have so much gratitude for my uncle and especially my grandmother. I know that as long as I’m here I will be a light to those I encounter. I will live. I will enjoy life to the fullest. While I’m here I will spread love because life isn’t promised. Do what you can today, don’t worry about YESTERDAY.

Quote: “The tragedy of life is not death…but what we let die inside of us while we live.” Norman Cousins

Tip: Think about the necessary things that need to get done each day. Don’t worry about yesterday. Do what you can but most importantly enjoy the day. Seize the day, relish in it’s beauty.

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