I have been guilty of speaking the worst or having negative thoughts especially going through some of life’s difficult times. Sometimes it’s just so easy to fall victim to it. We’re surrounded by negativity, doom and gloom and it’s hard to see the light…even if we have a source of light inside of us. Something happens and it’s the first thought, negativity.  The truth is it doesn’t help you or the situation,  it’s defeat and there’s no victory in defeat.

What a great place to be when you learn how to turn the negative into positive, when you can see the silver lining in a tough circumstance. When you can speak life and encourage yourself. It’s not about what you’re not, it’s about what you ARE. Don’t focus on the negative, it’s all about the positive things YOU ARE and the great things going on in your life. There may be days that you can only focus on one positive thing because you feel like the world in crumbling around you…well focus on that one positive thing to get you through. When you get through you get TO…the next day, and the next. Even when you don’t feel like it stay positive, stay focused on the positive things you ARE.  So I ask, WHAT ARE YOU?

I AM, a winner
I AM, a lover
I AM, a motivator
I AM, a _____________
now you fill-in the blank…

Quote: “Change your thoughts & you will change your world.” –Norman Vincent Pace

Tip: Don’t do things based on the opinions and acceptance of others. Don’t live your life in fear of what others think, it’s your life. You don’t have to explain your decisions to anyone. Live YOUR life without apology.

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