The world is full uncertainty, unease and turmoil right now and it is hard to ignore. We are all concerned not only for ourselves but for our family and loved ones. What does it mean? What is happening? Why? Rallies, walks, talks, prayers, plans and yet violence, shootings, evil and hate continue to prevail. There is no PEACE.

Solidarity seems to be distracted by new events of hatred across the globe. But in the middle of the chaos there really is peace. How is that you ask? Peace is reassurance that though things appear to be chaotic you are calm because you know that things will work out for your good. That no matter what is going on around you there is a stillness that takes over. A emotional regulator that keeps you calm. That your mind and thoughts remain at ease. The confidence to move forward with your life despite tragedy and mayhem. Peace is the WILL behind LOVE. Peace pushes love to the forefront. It removes fear and doubt. Peace + Love, is God. And to know God is to truly have PEACE.

Quote: “And the peace of God, which passeth the all understanding, shall guard your hearts and minds…” Philippians 4:7

Tip: When you’re feeling uneasy speak life into your situation. Speak peace. Literally say “peace” until you feel it overwhelm you and shift your energy.

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