I have the pleasure of being a travel writer. It was something I didn’t plan on becoming but my love for traveling and transition from broadcast journalism to writing led me to it. I fell in love with traveling during my first cross-country trip from Ohio to Seattle, Washington. An understanding of possibilities that the world has to offer were discovered some 20 years ago on that vacation. I’ve been to almost all 50 states, traveled across the pond and around the Caribbean. I am always surprised at the beauty of the places I visit, it’s as if God created them just for me…NOW THAT’S LOVE.

I had the pleasure of working in California and stayed a bit longer to adventure. My favorite stop, Joshua Tree National Park. I have been wanting to go for years but just
never made the trip. The park is some 120-miles east of Los Angeles and 30-miles from Palm Springs. It is amazing. I love nature and it is just a freak of nature. To see these trees that look like a cross between a cactus and palm tree and gigantic boulders formed from the earths surface millions of years ago is a sight to see. The way they are positioned is as if God simply placed them to land on top of each other like a fine piece of art. Group after groups of rocks, each unique. I never knew a desert to be so exciting and full of life.

I stayed all day. I climbed rocks, took in the view and wrote a bit. I watched the sunset and as I returned to exit the park I got a bit emotional. To see the silhouette of the trees and the sun taking its end of the day bow behind the mountains was beautiful. I thought, “This is heaven on earth.” And there are moments like that, the times where you take in the beauty of God’s creation and you realize he made it all for your enjoyment. For just the moment for you to realize it, to appreciate the gesture, to be overwhelmed by the thought of pleasing you…NOW THAT’S LOVE.

Quote: “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tip: Take time to recognize the special moments God creates for your enjoyment. There is beauty in each day and moments to sit back and take it in.

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  1. Foge October 27, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    It’s good that your goals are based on what you know is possible and that wo;1782&#nt kill you. You do a lot more toward your goals than most people do!


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