I really cannot begin to formulate the way that I feel right now. I have been very quite as we have all witnessed the innocent and unjustifiable murder of blacks by law enforcement in the states in more recent years. Countless lives that go unmentioned, while others whom stand out and whose stories come to light. I stay quite as not to give energy to anything negative. To not give energy to ignorance, violence, hatred, evilness, racism, bigotry, cowardly acts, police brutality, white supremacy, judicial injustice and all things bad. It is even more difficult to watch some media, slant the information with justifiable excuses as to how “this” could have happened, why did the victim do that, they should not have done this instead, as if to blame the dead for the reason why they are dead. It’s preposterous.

We are NECESSARY and I’d rather give light to that instead. Light to the wonderful black men who have been anything but upheld in high esteem, specifically in this country. I see you strong black man that were forced to build this country on your backs only to back stabbed, mistreated, undermined, tricked, bamboozled, controlled, manipulated… I see you black man that watches as society tries to create distance between your black woman, as they work to disqualify you. As they push education for women as to reverse the roles in the family. With false accusations and exaggerated truth you are labeled and feared. All in a plot to emasculate you. To pull you down, separate you from your Queens, the corporate ladder and freedom to be what God designed you to be. I shed I tear for you. Pray for you. I love you. You are NECESSARY.

I see you sister. In your strength and ability to hold your own as your families are being dismantled. I recognize the fortitude that it takes to raise children in a society that is less than hopeful, in a system designed to keep you down. I watch as you make the sacrifices to create a better environment for your loved ones with the glass ceiling as visible as your own image in the mirror. I see you latch onto anything that will give you a gleam of light even if it’s not always best. I notice your silent tears. I cry for you. I pray for your strength. I love you. You are NECESSARY.

I see my people. My people constantly being sodomized by “The home of the free. The land of the brave.” I say to my people, United WE Stand, Divide WE Fall. it’s time to get together. You ARE NECESSARY. You are NECESSARY to the fabric of this country. YOU are NECESSARY for the world. There is one greater than our problems, higher than us, waiting for us to get together…it’s NECESSARY.

One LOVE to ALL but especially my people. Only those who experience a thing can fully understand. Peace. Peace be still.

#blacklivesmatter #wakeup #WOKE #letsgettogether #UNITE #peacebestill

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