My thoughts as I walk a wood planked path above swamp water in Central Florida…

It is amazing that during Black History I have the pleasure of exploring a park that reminds me of freedom. That gives me hope about going after what you believe is right, that taking a stand against the odds, facing haters and naysayers, looking past criticism that may follow. Laughing at the judgement and ridicule. A freedom that my ancestors fault so hard to obtain. A freedom I and let’s be honest, current generations take for granted. On their backs we stand but yet we forget. The path they paved has become footprints in the sand, washed away by the oceans waves. A past not too long ago. The sacrifices they made, the sacrifices our parents made to advance the next generation.

It makes me think about how hard it must have been to walk and sometimes run in swamp and murky water. But that together large and small groups banded together for a goal at hand, freedom. Their freedom and the same for generations to follow. It was a collective effort with the intent of creating a better story for others. It begs the question, what are you willing to do now for others who follow you? Are you willing to walk or run, hustle and sacrifice for someone else’s future…can you tread MURKY WATER?

Quote:“In each season of our lives, even the ones moving through murky waters when we can only see in part, we can trust in the one who views it all. There is something beautiful happening just below the surface. May God give us eyes to see it clearly.” -Amy Carroll

Tip: We can’t do things alone. Unity is the best way to reach a common goal. Ask yourself what you are doing for others, what are you doing for those who follow you?

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