It’s amazing to realize that I have the ability to attract and bring a certain to my life. That God has given me the power through him to willfully bring it to me. I believe that’s what Jesus was, a model of the supernatural power we have within us to directly connect to the Father. He spoke, taught and performed miracles because of his connection to God. How else do you feed five-thousand people (Matthew 14:21) or perform miraculous things as he did. We had a model in Jesus that by a divine connection to God all things are possible. The power of MANIFESTATION can work in my life and yours too.

Manifestation, the ability to bring a thought to life. The ability to take imagination of a thing to bring to past. I wanted to work at E! Network Television as a teen, I did all that I knew how to bring it to life. I prayed, took classes in high school, majored in communications, got a job at a local news station and applied to lots of job at E! Some years later, where did I get a job? E! Network Television in Los Angeles with a connection that I knew from the local news station in Atlanta! I focused. I put the energy toward it. I did the work. I prayed. I was able to see it manifest. You have the power to do what ever you put your mind to, you can manifest things for your life. Don’t doubt. Have faith and live in MANIFESTATION.

Quote: “The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, you start living a different kind of life.” Unknown

Tip: Take 5-minutes at the beginning and end of your day and positively concentrate on something that you’d like for your life. Just make sure it lines up with your purpose and God’s will for your life, what is right. That’s key.

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