Dark moments are a part of life. In darkness the spot light from the lighthouse may be the only glimmer you see. The lighthouse can provide a source of light for a brief moment during your storm.

The storms of life come to shake you. The waves are turbulent. The sky is dark and cloudy, you can’t see the brightness of the stars above or even a glimpse of the moonlight. Land is far, too far for the human eye to see. And the only hope, the only way to weather the storm is the light, the light from the lighthouse. Sitting high above the ocean floor guiding and warning you of what is vastly approaching. You may have a kayak, tiny boat, a speed boat, yacht or your boat could be a ship. As the storms of life try to sink and destroy you let the captain of your vessel be God. And as he guides you toward the light don’t worry or be weary, darkness is only temporary you will see the gleam of the light…LIGHTHOUSE.

Quote: “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must also be present.”–Francis Bacon

Tip: Trust and learn the process. There is always something to be learned as you are being tested to move on to the next part of your journey. Look at it objectively, pray and ask for clarity and instruction on the lesson.

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