Life is moving, things are happening and the sun keeps rising. If you look at the people around you or those close to them their lives are changing. Weddings, kids, job promotions, new adventures they are all deserving of a KUDOS…

It is necessary that you celebrate victories, not just your own but show up for others as well. Be extra supportive to those who are aiming for similar goals and if they get there first that’s awesome. It just means your blessing is soon to come. Don’t question the timing for your life and your breakthrough. No questions like: They are on their third marriage and I’m just trying to get married the first time, I work just as hard why didn’t I get the promotion, I finished my book before they did but how did they publish before me, I’ve been on this grind longer than anyone when is my time going to come?

Rejoice in others accomplishments. Your time will come, what is for you is for you and no one will be able to take it away. Remember there is more than enough. Believe that no good thing will God withhold from you so continue to keep your eyes on the hill. And when someone around you gets their blessing offer them…KUDOS.

Quote: “We must always remember that God’s plans for our lives are too great to be diverted by anyone. In the end, it’s only His approval we need, and only His approval we should seek.” Sanya Richards-Ross

Tip: Try to intentional do ONE thing a day that supports someone cl ose to you. A simple prayer for their endeavors, like a post, share something they taught you with someone else, purchase their product or send encouraging words to them, it all goes a long way.

***SPECIAL KUDOS TO: Robin Lloyd, Raymond Lloyd, Benita Carnes, Daphne Valerius and Beth Diana Smith for their most recent accomplishments. Keep moving and lets support one another. ***

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