One thing the last few weeks has taught me is that life is short. It is a precious thing, so delicate and should not be taken advantage of. If you really live and are intentional how you want to make it, it can be GRAND.

Death is a part of life but the truth of the matter is you don’t want to see anyone die. My Grandfather left this earth Monday, just some 9 months after his wife, my Grandmother. He was 87. Though death is something you expect to happen to older people especially in their 80’s it’s still not natural.

All of my grandparents were an intricate part of the village that raised me. I learned most of what I know today from them. Wise, self-taught, determined, leaders, family oriented, kind, classy, loving, the list goes on. I am truly blessed that God saw fit to have them as GRANDparents. And that’s the thing they are GRAND, they add in ways parents can’t. It’s just different. Like grandparents you can have a massive, impactful and magnificent life. Your life can be what you make it and can bring life and light to others. You only live once, make it GRAND.

Quote: “We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one.” Tom Hiddleston

Tip: Take the time to enjoy life. Spend time with those you care for. Take trips, adventure, learn something new, live.

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