I had the opportunity to work an event for a non-profit organization benefitting children. They do great work impacting their lives to help them achieve successful. The leader of the group is one of the nicest and loving guys you will ever meet. This guy a former athlete, two-sport athlete at that and what stands out the most is his…CHARACTER.

I had the pleasure of working with him and his organization since July. The support he received from everyone was genuine. They honor what his is doing to help children and they back him up 100 percent. His heart is that of gold. He is selfless and really just wants to see children become the best version of themselves. To become their best through hard work, determination and dedication. It is the light of his heart that exudes. It really is golden. And that my friends is what you want people to say about you. The love you have for others over flows and blesses others. That you have so much light on the inside you can’t do anything else but shine. People will feel warm when they are in your presence. It is how you make others feel, love is best display of…CHARACTER.

Quote: “People who are the happiest in the world are those who are doing things for others.” Peter Burwash

Tip: Be genuine in your interaction with people. Vibrate on a higher level. Most importantly exude love.

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