I often think about the impact I have on people. When I come around what am I bringing to the atmosphere, what do I bring to the table. And more importantly what am I leaving on the table. It’s one thing to come and eat, it’s another to bring something everyone can eat.

My life is changing for the better and as I open myself up to what God has for me and his unlimited blessings I see a shift in tables I’m being invited to. The awesome thing is I’m just authentically being myself. I know I have so much to offer and I honor the privilege and appreciate the seat.

The more you know about who you are the more you understand your worth and what you truly have to offer the world. In essence what you bring to the table. We are all guilty of not getting to know ourselves. The reality is we can’t be and do what we should be doing if we don’t. We settle for less-than in all areas of our lives because we discount what we have inside, what we “could” bring to the table. So we sit and eat but have nothing to offer anyone, we don’t bring a dish just an empty stomach. We eat and leave. Get to know YOU, tap into the core of who God created you to be. When you get to know that you you’ll be bringing and leaving something…AT THE TABLE.

Quote: “There’s enough room at the table for everyone! You just have to bring something to it to get a seat!” –Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Tip: Know when it’s time to shut out the noise. It’s critical that you have alone time. No TV, phone, kids, spouse, etc. retreat a quit place and get in tune with yourself.

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