I believe there are lots of simple pleasures in life. God meant for us to enjoy it. It is important for us to not only be grateful for what we have but to look forward to what’s next…ANTICIPATE.

There is nothing wrong with being content where you are in life, The Bible instructs us to do so. However, I believe that there is nothing wrong with looking forward to the future. It’s a part of faith. It is to get excited about what is to come. It is the possibility of a thing. To ponder on the things you want and desire for your life and anticipate the joy of having them. It gives off great energy for you which in turn spreads on to others. It’s wonderfully exciting to wait on things you want to manifest in your life…ANTICIPATE.

Quote: “Anticipation which is a mortar to desire the ability to imagine it as if it’s happening. To experience it as if it’s happening while nothing is happening and everything is happening at the same time.” Esther Perel

Tip: Act like you already have it. Get in the mindset of having what you want for your life. Ride in the neighborhood you want to live in, visit the building of the job you want. Pray + manifest things to your life. Most importantly anticipate it with gratitude.

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