monte carlo.

South France: French Riviera – Monte-Carlo, Monaco: Clean. Clean. Clean. Did I say clean?! And absolutely amazingly amazing. Super-sized buildings that make you feel like an ant and a sea that feels more like an ocean it’s a part of the French Riviera and it is as magical as the movies. Sitting on a rock some 400 feet high is the old town of Monaco, small alleyways are streets with vendors tucked neatly in them, the cleanest alleys I’ve ever seen. There is a huge aquarium on the sea side of the rock, too tall for a good picture. “The Rock” is rich in history and worth the walk up. Monte-Carlo is small enough to walk, the entire time. Yes, it’s got lots of hills but the view you take in as you walk makes you feel like you’re on a gliding stroll. Must see, must visit, must stay a while.

Stay: The sheik Columbus-Monte Carlo Hotel, close to the marina and right across the street from a garden park. It’s got a modern contemporary twist and friendly staff.


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