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Specializing in multimedia platforms ranging from television to digital content. I help clients’ visions come to life. 

  • Content Creator: Infographics, how-to-guides, blog posts + product descriptions 
  • Copywriter: Email newsletters, direct mail, ads, psa’s, landing pages, social media post, taglines to focus on client products + services.
  • Coach: Mentoring girls + women to realize their worth + propel them to live their lives authentically + become the best version of themselves.


Stacy is an author tackling self-worth, morals in a fun, easy + honest way. Visit the shop for apparel, journals, stationary, products + more books.

Irene + Sage

Is a brand that strives to normalize self-care. We create products intended to rejuvenate + give individuals a sense of tranquility. It’s a collaboration between two sisters in an effort to contribute to the overall health + wellness of people + the planet.

Be AWEsoME (Awe So Me)!

A podcast + mentorship sponsored by Irene + Sage

We help empower young ladies + women to live their lives authentically + become a better “Me”, Awe-So-Me. The podcast is an open dialogue about living life authentically by tapping into what makes you, you. It’s an inside job + remember you have it in you, it’s up to you to discover it, develop it + then deliver it to the universe.


Stacy’s professional career spans more than two decades. She has worked in television at WSB-TV, Channel 2 as well as E! News. During her tenure in the industry, she has appeared in radio commercials in addition to local + national television commercials, produced corporate promotional videos, public service announcements, music videos + worked on various live events including hosting red carpet functions. 

She has consulted for The Cochran Firm, Big Tigger; Darian Morgan of V-103.3 FM Atlanta, Harold’s Chicken N Ice Bar Edgewood, Next Move Properties, Dr. King Center for Non-Violence, Morehouse College, Brian Jordan Foundation, AT&T + Walmart Health.

Fun Facts

Travel enthusiast, beach lover, roadster and nature geek. In her spare time Stacy enjoys tennis, working out, hiking, reading + volunteering. She is single + living life to the fullest.


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